Pat Buck & Kevin Matthews speak on the upcoming Memorial Day Massacre!

Posted on By 2039

In the world of professional wrestling it all comes down to one word…Respect! Who wants it , who has it. On May 27 The Control Center presents… Battleground Championship Wrestling and it will be Owner VS Owner! I recently caught up with Pat Buck and he stated that yes, he and DJ Hyde have many things in common but according to him he has one quality that DJ lacks. RESPECT! The respect of the fans, the respect of the locker room. I’d like to make it clear that Pat Bucks views are his own and in no way represent the views of myself, The Control Center front office or Battleground Championship wrestling. Tickets for this ultimate showdown are available right now at

Kevin Matthews wastes no time in letting DJ Hyde know exactly what he thinks of the upcoming “Owner VS Owner” showdown on May 27 inside the battleground. Kevin Mathews views are his and his alone and do not reflect those of The Control Center or Battleground management. With these controversial comments it will be interesting to see what DJ Hyde has to say. We hope to get comments from DJ in the weeks to come. I would like to state that the attached video may not be appropriate for younger viewers.